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COSD N-the-Know Webcast Series

COSD is pleased to provide online training opportunities to learn more about the issues surrounding career employment for college students and recent graduates with disabilities.  N-the-Know is a series of eight one-hour archived training sessions conducted by Alan Muir, Executive Director of COSD and Dr. Sarah Helm, Coordinator of the Disability Careers Office at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as well as a number of guest speakers.  Each of the sessions provides an in-depth view of an aspect of the career development of college students with disabilities.  For career services and disability services professionals, N-the-Know will put you "In the Know" to assist these students to be competitive in the career search.  N-the-Know is also valuable to professionals in HR, campus recruiting and diversity to more fully understand how to recruit qualified candidates from this population.

All webcasts below have been previously recorded and are available for purchase.  The N-the-Know webcasts are video and audio streamed to your desktop computer including presentation materials.

The topics covered by the series are as follows:

Returning Veterans with Disabilities – Major David Moorefield, DAK Resources, Inc.

This presentation discussed the needs of returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as they are transitioning from military deployment into higher education and then into a civilian career.  David Moorefield and DAK Resources, Inc. provide staffing and employment services to private sector employers seeking to recruit and hire veterans with disabilities.  For more details on both David Moorefield and DAK Resources, please click here.

N-the-Know with Cisco: An Employer Spotlight
Representatives of Cisco discussed the company's recruiting philosophy and programs to attract and hire qualified college graduates with disabilities.  Cisco is a great example of how corporate recruiting can be successfully directed toward the population of college graduates with disabilities.

Career Development for Psychiatric Disabilities – Dr. Sarah Helm, Presenter
The presenter discussed data derived from her recent qualitative study on the career development and employment concerns of job-seeking students with psychiatric disabilities. The results of the research were also highlighted, which indicated multiple concerns regarding employment, anxiety and confusion with disability disclosure and minimal knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  

Asperger’s Syndrome and Career Employment – Marcia Scheiner and Michael John Carley of Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership (ASTEP), Presenters

Today many individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome/high functioning autism are completing college; yet many of these adults still do not achieve full employment. Of those that do find jobs, many are underemployed.  Employers need to have a better understanding of the unique capabilities of this untapped workforce, and how to integrate employees with Asperger’s into the workplace. College career counselors for individuals on the autism spectrum need to arm themselves with the knowledge about why employers will benefit from hiring individuals on the spectrum and how to work with employers to help these students achieve full employment. ASTEP shared their program for working with corporate America to create awareness and job opportunities for adults with Asperger Syndrome/high functioning autism and how you – as an employer or a career services professional – can join in this effort.

Disclosure, Self-Advocacy and Accommodations - Alan Muir and Dr. Sarah Helm, Presenters
Examples are provided of how students with disabilities can build self-advocacy and the skills needed for successful workplace disclosure including the differences between disclosure in higher education and employment.

Disclosure - Apparent vs. Non-Apparent Disabilities - Alan Muir and Dr. Sarah Helm, Presenters
A comparison of the disclosure process for both apparent and non-apparent disabilities is illustrated through case studies.

Experiential Education - Alan Muir, Presenter
Highlights of the unique benefits of Experiential Education for students with disabilities through programs such as COSD Career Gateway, Disability Mentoring Day, Emerging Leaders and the Workforce Recruitment Program is presented. 

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