Student Agenda

Student agenda

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After you have had a chance to look through the agenda, review the preparation materials below. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about preparing for the FULL ACCESS Student Summit!

What will the event be like?

The FULL ACCESS Student Summit is a two half-day event, beginning Friday late morning and ending Saturday in the early afternoon. 

The main events include:

  • Resume and Soft Skills Workshop led by employers.
  • Mini-Career Fair with employers.
  • Dinner with Students and Employers: Attendees will enjoy a formal dinner with employers seated at designated tables. The dinner will be an opportunity to engage and network with fellow students and employers in a formal dining environment.
  • Disclosure Discussion Session: After hearing a short presentation on disclosure in the workplace, attendees have an opportunity to ask questions and clarify concerns with a panel of disclosure experts.
  • Small Group Employer Discussions: Attendees will be paired with three employers (assigned based on preferences) for small group discussions. Attendees have the chance to ask questions of employers and interact in a more personal environment.


What should I wear?

The COSD FULL ACCESS Student Summit is a professional event, as both attendees and employers will be present. You will need to bring business casual attire for daytime use for both days of the summit. For the first night's career fair and dinner with employers you will be expected to wear business professional attire.


Friday & Saturday Day: Business Casual

Friday Evening: Business Professional


Business Casual: This attire falls somewhere between the more formal business professional suits and the casual look of jeans and a t-shirt. Business casual attire can consist of:

  • Collared/knit shirts
  • Slacks, khakis or a skirt
  • Dress

Business Professional: This attire is more professional than business casual or casual. It would be appropriate to wear to a job interview. Business professional attire can consist of:

  • Suit jacket/blazer
  • Collared shirt, neatly pressed
  • Slacks or a skirt
  • Two-piece dress

To make your best first impression:

  • Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed
  • Shoes should be polished
  • Pay attention to personal grooming (hair, nails, etc.)
  • Keep your attire conservative- avoid flashy colors, low cut tops, short skirts
  • Avoid wearing too much or large jewelry

COSD recommends preparing a "30 second commerical," to advertise yourself and your qualifications- this will really come in handy during small group discussions and casual conversation with employers. You will find a "30 second commercial" template below to help you get started, customize this for your needs.

“Hello, my name is _________________, and I am a (year in program/alumnus of Lynn University) (majoring in/with a degree in) _______________.  Recently, I have been (working/interning/volunteering) with ______________ in the ___________ department to gain experience in ______________.   My strongest interests lie in (teaching/management/CIS)_________________, so I’m looking for a (summer/currently looking/ post graduation) position in____________________.   I’m particularly interested in (company name) because of __________________ and find your companies (enter personal company research findings – new market openings, business strategies, community involvement, etc…) particularly interesting.   Could you tell me about how this will affect employees in (position of interest)? – or other relevant question.” 

  • AT&T
  • Merck
  • Microsoft
  • Bank of America
  • Nordstrom
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Ernst & Young